P.O Box 597, Wonthaggi, Victoria 3995 (Incorporated in Victoria. Reg No. A0043021E)

Location: Jean Melzer Centre
                239 White Road
                            Wonthaggi  VIC    3995

President: P.Allen

Program Coordinator : M.Schooneveldt

Contact  03 5672 5951           



Now Christmas is over, at least for this year

But the fun isnít finished, so donít shed a tear.

You can join U3A if youíve not been before

And the Wonthaggi branch is a super-store!


Itís not of the kind where you buy your eggs

And the parking is good, to save your legs.

There are choices galore to meet every need

And a really good time is guaranteed.


There are classes in most things under the sun

Youíll learn quite a bit whilst having fun.

The people are friendly, the tutors are too

Thereís a kitchen, a library, and even a loo.


Itís value for money. It really is cheap Ö

Considering the knowledge youíre sure to reap.

The tutors wonít bite, or so Iíve been told.

So join U3A and refuse to grow old!


Jane Denton


                                                                                                                       Joining U3A Wonthaggi 

U3A Wonthaggi Inc. is a learning co-operative of people no longer in full time employment. Anyone can join Ė all you need is interest and enthusiasm. No qualifications are required and none are given.

U3A offers the opportunity to share your knowledge, experience and talents with others and learn from them in friendly surroundings.  

Membership: For 2016 a membership will cost $45.00 per year including GST and is open to any adult approved by the management committee. Members are entitled to enrol in as many courses as they wish-subject to vacancies

For further Information or an application form please contact the Membership Secretary: S Peters : 0400776316

or Email: mail@u3awonthaggi.org.au                                                                   www.facebook.com/wonthaggiU3A 

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